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Honestly, I feel sorry for these delivery people and I can understand the frustration on behalf of the drivers. Most Door Dash, Grub Hub or even Uber drivers are low-wage earners and rely on tips to survive. These companies make huge profits while the actual drivers sacrifice a lot.


When you buy something on a delivery app drivers can see your tip ahead of time which gives incentive for your order to be picked up. The problem is some apps allow buyers to reneg on the tip after the delivery is made.

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@ciao_bella wrote:

@Carmie wrote:

I read about that incident a few days ago.  The lady did not tip through the app.  She prefered to give a cash tip in person.


The driver opened her bag of food and put the note  inside.  When she delivered, the lady handed her a cash tip which the driver refused to take.


How embrassing was that for her?  The lady asked why the tip was being refused and the driver told her about the note she left in the bag  and left in a hurry.


The lady reported the driver.

This article was reported by the woman with only her side of the story as she reports it.  The Door Dash driver should have been give the same opportunity to have his/her side told as to what happened and then printed.   Remember, there are always two sides to a story.  





And sometimes there's more than two sides. 


A divorce attorney once told me there are three sides to every divorce ... his side ... her side ... and what really happened.

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No issues here..Can't get anything delivered..Lucky that we get mail(not always),Fed-x and UPS.

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@Hoovermom wrote:

@Flyer98 wrote:

I cannot believe anyone uses doordash.  I have seen them delivering food and taking it out of the disgusting trunks of  their cars.  Also, pulling food out of the bag and eating it before they delivered it.

@Flyer98 :  I use Door Dash......bags are stapled shut or even tape with restaurant logo across the opening of bag.  

@Hoovermom  - Same here.  My grandkids use Door Dash frequently.  Never any issues.  People who don't use them shouldn't spread rumors.

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@San Antonio Gal I saw it with my own eyes.  My son orders using door dash.  I have arrived several times when the door dash delivery is in the driveway.  They open the trunk of their car and pull bags out and also beverages in cups that are being supported by objects in the trunk of their car.

Also, restaurants in the area-drivers carrying food to their car and snag a few fries.  

Who could possibly be monitoring this?  

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@Hoovermom Tape and staples are a sure sign of cleanliness.

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@San Antonio Gal Enjoy that food!  LOL

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In restaurants tipping is 20%, sometimes just 15% and all the waiter does is take your order, pick it up and  bring it to your table. Their is no financial investment for them.


Doordash, Instagram workers have to provide their own car including insurance, maintenance, and gas. Surely, they deserve more than a 20% tip. 

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This is just me ....

If I can't tip at a restaurant, or Door Dash ,local pizza delivery person .

I don't go out ro eat or order delivery.

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@Flyer98  Have never had that experience using any of these services.   All bags are stapled or taped closed.  If your son has had several of these problems that you've seen, then perhaps he should eat out or cook something himself.  Better yet, maybe you could cook him something.  I find it unusual for anyone who claims to have this problem, continue with a service to have 'several more' of the same issues.  

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