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Re: Does anyone have a MAGIC JACK?

Yes, I have MJ; Ive had it for about 6yrs. My sister had to talk me into making the change, (she runs a business using Only MJ) I cut the expenses from MaBell at that time. I actually saw $$ stay in my pocket!  Smiley Happy)   I would highly recommend it!  I tried it for the 1st yr just to see if I liked it, which I did, so when my renewal came up I did the 5yr plan which is $100. You cant beat $20/yr for phone service!  There are NO monthly charges at all! I rarely get emails from them.  The ONLY drawback I see is that sometimes (generally more during the daytime hrs) that it will drop the call after 90 mins. But within a few mins I can call back.  I havent noticed Any difference in phone quality at all. I do notice that when answering a call you need to say Hello twice or simply wait a few seconds to begin talking. Not a big deal. I would suggest that you need to sign up for MJ and switch over your current # FIRST, (I think its like an additional $10 to port over # for a ONE time only charge) THEN call your phone comp to cancel service. Btw, I use a modem, not  WI-Fi. The installation is super simple, insert device in a USB port follow prompts...done! (there is also a MJ Plus that doesnt tie up a port)  Check out UTube to see installations etc.

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Re: Does anyone have a MAGIC JACK?

In my experience, I just don’t think any type of VOIP phone setup will ever have the sound quality of landlines. Even good equipment is at the mercy of the quality of the wifi or cell signal you get where you live.


If I were to do it I’d try Ooma or Verizon. We have Verizon VOIP as our home phone (though not mine, personally) and the call quality is kwap because all signals in our rural wooded area is kwap - cell or wifi (satellite) either one.


People who live in towns, cities, and flat, non-wooded areas take the quality of their signals for granted; for some of the rest of us, it all just sux and there’s literally nothing we can do about it - we have no choices.

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Re: Does anyone have a MAGIC JACK?

I've had a Magic Jack for at least 4 years and I'm very happy with it. My phone calls are as crystal clear as my old AT&T landline. Yes, I have to pay around $30 a year and I think $11.00 for the 911 feature but it's all billed once a year in May.


I had slow internet when I first got it and it was a little garbled then. I have Xfinity - only 25 Mbps but faster than what I had previously and no problems with being garbled now.


My Magic Jack has only been out once when my cat got near the plugs and the AC adapter came out of the receptacle. It's very reliable.

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Re: Does anyone have a MAGIC JACK?

@Carolm,  My friend has Magic Jack and it is a pain in the ____.  Wierd noises occur at times, disconnects, it was very disruptive talking with someone that has it.  I personally would never buy one.  I have Comcast package with TV, phone and Internet.  Nothing is cheap anymore so you just go with the flow.  I always call in for a deal every 2 years from Comcast.

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Re: Does anyone have a MAGIC JACK?

What I like about my Ooma is there is an option to pay for their 'Premier' service for $10 a month and this gives you call blocking, mobile app, a second number and device integration. 

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Re: Does anyone have a MAGIC JACK?

Lots of good information, ladies.  Thanks for responding to my post.  I'll have to mull it over and decide what to do.

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Re: Does anyone have a MAGIC JACK?

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Both my parents and my family have the Magic Jack Plus. My family hasn't had any problems with it, but at times my parents do.  Since it's a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) if your internet connection is spotty or not as strong, it will effect your MJ since it's comes through your internet connection. 

If we try and call them and the phone isn't working, they both have cell phones so we just call them that way. 



We have family in Italy so with MJ we can purchase 1,000 minutes which is about $20.  When those minutues run out, we just purchase more (all this is done on line at the MJ website). It's much cheaper then purchasing a international calling card and the 1,000 minutues last a long time for us.  Long distance calling is free so that's a big plus for them as we also have family in other states.


For some it might not be that great, but for us and my parents, it works well and we are very happy with it.  We have other family members that also have it and they have not had any problems with theirs.


Their phone bill was $45 a month (with very basic features) and did not include any long distance or international calling.  All that would be extra. So for them, MJ and the little inconvience it caused at times, it's well worth it for them to have MJ.

Hope this helps.