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This past weekend we were in Pennsylvania and passed an Aldi's grocery. I'd read about it on this board, but I'd never shopped there. Boy what a store!

Being we were away, we didn't look at the refrigerated or frozen foods, but we did look around and picked up a few things. I could NOT believe the prices! Large boxes of cold cereals that were under two dollars! Beautiful fancy cookies and snacks and cake mixes and chips and all sorts of goodies for ridiculously low prices. Cans of coffee were also inexpensive, as well as canned goods.

Everything was in cartons, which I knew since I read it here, but the prices were well marked and everything was so neat and tidy, you were able to find everything you needed. We could have bought a lot more, but again, we were on vacation.

I forgot that you have to bring bags, and after I paid she wheeled the cart to the other side. It looked weird with no bags lol. We had to buy two paper bags for $.13 lol And, I had to pay cash. and, the quarter deposit for the wagons. So, it's no frills all the way, but I'll go back there every opportunity I have.

This chain is owned by the same parent company as Trader Joe's?

What products do you recommend? How's their meats and produce? We do have an Aldi's about a half hour away, but they just opened and I haven't been there.

Love Aldi's!


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