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Re: Do you have a ghost story to share?

Yes, but it sounds so outlandish, I think I will just keep it to myself.

I do believe. I think there is a whole lot that goes on in the life that is just unexplained and unexpected.


In my case it involved seeing who I believe is a relative, who has crossed over. My grandma. She died when I was 7. What I don't understand is why she didn't say anything to me when she came to me. If it wasn't her, why didn't who ever it was say something to me? They just seemed to evaporate when I saw them. Actually, I have seen more than one dead relative, who just seemed to disappear like that when I saw them.

Anyone else?

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Re: Do you have a ghost story to share?

@Nightowlz wrote:


I have also had one visit a couple of times farting. I told it to leave if that's all they wanted to do. LOL!!! It only happened twice.



Woman LOL  Woman LOL  Woman LOL

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Re: Do you have a ghost story to share?

I forgot to mention the one night when I had just gotten comfortable in bed and had just closed my eyes, when I felt someone sit down on my bed at the foot of it.


I grabbed my flashlight and turned it on to see if it was one of my cats, but no one was there.




Then there were the times when I would hear knocking on my front door as I slept.


Whenever I would go to answer the door, there would be no one there.




The Sky looks different when you have someone you love up there.
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Re: Do you have a ghost story to share?

I had an inteview at a psychiatric state hospital. it was out in the country. When I got to the parking lot, there were 3 buildings. i didn't know which one I was supposed to go to. I walked alongside a one story building and heard voices, like in a cafeteria.. i knocked on the door and no one answered.


I went to the next building and this was where i had the interview. i asked what was in that other building. they told me that building has been empty for years. 

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Re: Do you have a ghost story to share?

could've been ho bo's

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Re: Do you have a ghost story to share?

@happycat   I have seen spirits since I was a child and not a single one of them has spoken to me.


My son hears spirits talking, but not to him.  I understand that some people communicate with them verbally, but many of them use specialized equiptment to do this.


Sarah Estep used to communicate with the dead with electronic equipment.  She was a pioneer in the field of paranormal activity communication.  I used to follow her interesting work until she died some years ago.


My guess Is that they cannot speak to us, but sometimes they can and do in our dreams.  You might ask Grandma to communicate with you in your dreams.  Maybe she will.

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Re: Do you have a ghost story to share?

When I was little, I never missed an episode of Casper.

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Re: Do you have a ghost story to share?

After my Gramma passed away, I felt my bed sink down. She said "I don't hurt anymore"  I was 9


My cousin died after being hit by a baseball.  I was in HS. Every time I thought his name my radio would buzz  After doing this for a long while I told him it was time for him to move on.  After that when I thought about him, the radio no longer buzzed.


Grandpa passed away.  I was in the living room. Papers blew toward me that were on coffee table. DH at school. No fan on. new baby in bed.  I said "Grandpa if that's you, I can't handle this now"


Basset Hound sitting straight up staring at space where MIL used to sit on sofa before she passed.


I thought I'd get some sort of message from my MIL or Dad after they passed, but nothing.

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Re: Do you have a ghost story to share?

I have found out over the years that various family members had the ability to have paranormal experiences.


I started to have them when I was a child, and when I was around 17, I said something to my Mom like, "I see people." I don't remember what I saw, but I must have seen a spirit in my bedroom at night when trying to sleep.


Her reaction to my concern surprised me, because like any typical teenager at the time, you would expect your parents to say, "Oh, you had a bad dream," or "It's just your imagination,etc."


But, my Mom said to me, "Ohhh, I was afraid of that...All of us on this side of the family have these abilities." 


She was rather upset about it, like it was a burden.


She went on to tell me how she had premonitions about people that came true, and how she also had the ability to sense medical issues with people, and knew when they were ill without them telling her about their illnesses.


She was also visiting the Tower of London on a group tour several years before, and stayed behind in one of the rooms so that she could change the film in her camera. This was back when we were still using instant cameras with film in them.


She was the only one left behind from the group, as the others had moved on. 


As she was chaging the film, she saw a woman start to appear and materialize in the room out of the corner of her eye.


The woman was wearing period clothing, and my Mom was a History major and recognized the woman as one of Henry the VIII's wives. 


My Mom said that she wasn't afraid, but just curious. The apparition then disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. 


The most recent paranormal experiences that I have experienced, have concerned my kitties that are no longer with us.


We now have a new kitty, and since we've had her, I don't think any of our other kitties have tried to visit me.


The one that most recently passed away this past Winter though, would pay me a visit on occassion.


I could physically see and feel that she was here for the most part, without actually seeing her. 


One time she climbed on my lap like she used to do. I saw the blanket move like her little paws were moving on it, but I didn't see her.


Another time, I did actually see her and hear her. She came running down the hallway towards me, with one of her ball toys in her mouth, meowing the whole time. Then she just vanished. 


I would also see and sometimes hear another kitty of ours that had passed away 18 years ago. He was a small black and white kitty and also rather quiet when he was alive.


Our other kitty named Toppers that passed away last Winter, could see him and hear him. I would see her staring where he was visiting. When he would visit, he liked to hang out by our balcony windows.


He started coming around a few years ago, and when he did, I would just see glimpses of a dark shadow out of the corner of my eyes at first.


Then, I actually saw a partial apparition of him, that was transparent.


I was sitting in our recliner one night when he walked right in front of me. He was transparent, but totally formed.


I would then start to see him as a full-bodied apparition. That was difficult for my mind to realize. 


One night I was in the recliner, and I thought that I was seeing our other kitty Toppers sticking her head through the blinds at the balcony. I said, "Come on Toppers, get your head out of the blinds."


When I turned my head, it was to see that Toppers was asleep over on the love seat next to the recliner, and it was our ghost kitty whose little body was poking through the blinds.


When I went to look again, he had disappeared. 


I woke up one morning when sleeping in the recliner to find him laying on top of my chest. He used to lay like that with me.


I could not feel him, but I could totally see him. He was completely transparent. 


I decided to try to touch him, where I saw him laying. When I did, I didn't physically feel him, but I felt a sense of calm and peacefulness, and I fell right back to sleep. 

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Re: Do you have a ghost story to share?

Oooooo.... I love reading these ghost threads!


I believe in ghosts and premonitions and I and members of my family have had experiences.   For a while after my mom passed, my dad told me he thought there were times she was visiting him in the house.  He could feel her and smell her.  Some items got moved, like she was tidying up.  Several months ago I asked him if he still felt mom in the house, and he said "no, she's gone."

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