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Re: Dine and dash dater hit with new charges

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Working in a museum for many years, I learned such interesting trivia.  As a handbag collector and working with the museum collection, I would find nickels and sometimes dimes sewn into the lining of many older bags.  The nickel was sewn in late 1800's early nineteen hundreds as a way for women to get home on the streetcar if they had a displeasing suitor, or got stranded.  As the streetcar prices rose, I could tell the circa of the bag as streetcar prices rose after the depression.

Also the use of hat pins had a dual purpose.  It was protection, lol! Beat.  packin a dillanger I guess.


in many handbags, especially evening bags that were used as night club clutches in the 20's til the late fifties, women had similar protections.  Many bags had a small compartment for smokes, another for powder, and a coin holder.  It had room for 2 dimes a 2 nickels enough for a phone call, and a street car or bus in an emergency.  Women were always prepared. 


My granddaughter lives in Burbank, a while ago her hairdresser told her about the guy who was known for leaving without paying.  Seems minor, but the color was probably 80 bucks alone for a man.



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Re: Dine and dash dater hit with new charges

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Many years ago, I used to read a Newspaper for Singles (way before the internet) and I'd answer ads. One guy took me out to dinner at a nice restaurant and I went to the restroom. When I came out, he and a female (probably the manager) were standing nearby and she told me he tried to walk out without paying. He was a total stranger - but I never forgot what he did.

Another guy that I met at a restaurant - while we were eating, he asked if I would go out with him again and I said no. Then he got very agitated and said I should pay for myself (which I did) - he wasn't at all attractive and he scared me. Must have gotten turned down many times - u could see his anger.

Other than those 2 -- never had a problem.

Today - I recommend people meet at Starbucks or a similar coffee house. The female should pay for herself and if it doesn't work out - no obligation.