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Re: Differences Between Counties.

The Western New York Region just got the approval to reopen beginning tomorrow.  They are keeping close track of all the metrics so if they go back on one of them, they'll pull back.  We're just entering phase 1 which is manufacturing, construction, curbside pick up from retailers.  Hopefully that will go OK and not cause the numbers to spike and we can move on to phase 2.  Our area (Buffalo) was lacking in the amount of tracers, we're there now so the entire region is opening up.  I belive that only leaves downstate and the NYC areas that are still struggling to meet the metrics.  



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Re: Differences Between Counties.

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@fthunt  I'm staying home and I'm not broke yet.  I fear there are those who believe I was "nuts" way before COVID arrived.

This is the problem you're not broke so no worries about those who are. I'm not broke either but all around me daily I see many people losing their jobs and businesses. It's hard to see. You can certainly understand how people are suffering and will continue to long after this. I don't have the virus and haven't lost anyone to it but I certainly feel for those who have. 

I regret that my post exposed my "problem".  I didn't mean to come across as insensitive to those who are "broke".



You didn't come across as insensitive at all. In fact, saying you did in any way was quite an unnecessary stretch. I also got the humor you intended about people thinking you are nuts, I mean, we're all a little bit nuts in our own way. Smiley Very Happy


Hope you have a good day. Smiley Happy



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Re: Differences Between Counties.

We Californians have you all beat when it comes the variety of counties we have. Our governor has us working through a very reasonable set of phases for reopening. We are now in Phase 2 of I think 5 phases altogether.


In our more rural counties, he is letting them go a bit further into this second phase. I hope that works but worry about their undertesting. Yes, contrary to what we're told, we are still limited in our capacity to test.


Anyhoo, I'm in a small beach city that is part of LA County. We'll probably never open! Not true, of course, but our county has been hit very hard. Funny thing is that the county is probably bigger than many states, so there are pockets within it that are pushing hard to get variances.

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Re: Differences Between Counties.

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I was going to go out.  Now I'm not.  I'll try agan in June, but I have a feeling it will be like this till next summer.  The virus should be spent by then. 

I only go out when I have to and I tend to agree with you that it may still be like this, perhaps this winter and/or next summer to some extent.


What I question is that it "should be spent by then."  As long as this creature is able to find hosts (which essentially means it's still being spread by human contact), will it ever be spent without curative medications/treatments or vaccines?

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Re: Differences Between Counties.

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Nothing you can do till they develop a vaccine.  Perhaps in August though September, you can move around a bit more normally.  But my worry is October.  So I agree that 2020 is a lost year.  Maybe even the first half of 2021.