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Is it me that I wish they would list the cause of death? I know that families are entitled to their privacy but on the other hand it leaves us wondering. Just recently I saw a meteorologist on Friday and she checked in the hospital on Sunday and died. The news channel has been having quite a memorial for her for over a week with no cause of death mentioned. Yes I know I’m very curious. Also I’ve been stymied by the mention of he/she died “unexpectedly”. I don’t mean to be macabre or insensitive but I feel like I’m left hanging. Anyone else feel this way??
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I'm not saying it's always but there's suicide and that's not something a family would like to share.

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Died suddenly/unexpectedly are usually code words for suicide/drug deaths.

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oRe: Death Announcements

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While we are being morbid...if no explanation is given, I always assume it's drugs or suicide...or some "exotic" surgery like removal of large buttocks....

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I am oftern curious but I totally understand and respect a family's choice not to share the cause of death. 

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Yes that’s what I thought too. However with the stigma of suicide wouldn’t it be better if people stated why and address it. Then we can really tackle the unfortunate situation and prevent future suicides.
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Don't understand why anyone would feel they need to know that information or have any right to know.
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Death Announcements

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I just assumed that the meteorologist under discussion passed away from some sort of cardiac arrest or underlying heart issues.  I never even considered suicide and/or drugs.


And I don't believe that the cause needs to be disclosed unless the family desires.

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Re: oRe: Death Announcements

A  heart attack, aneurysm, allergic reaction can all cause sudden deaths.  It does not necessarily mean it's caused by suicide or drug overdoses.

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A first cousin just died unexpectedly and the obituary mentioned no cause of death.


We assume it was heart related because the family requested donations to be made to the American Heart Association, but that's just speculation. 


He was cremated, so unless an autospy was done before, I doubt the immediate family knows for sure. 


Many families request the cause omitted (even if they know) for various reasons having to do with privacy. Many Covid deaths went unreported.