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That's almost too much cute for one post! 


But I'm not complaining, lol. 

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Adorable, the next generation of carrot chompers. 

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It is a good feeling to see the fawns in the photos, so sweet and adorable, they guarantee a smile and brighten my day!!!  I thank MamaWick for the photos and know that nature gave us these babies to enjoy, delightful, serene and gentle, life is good.

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OMG, I can't stand it! The close-up of that little fawn is beyond adorable. As I said the other day, it amazes me the trust the deer have in you to bring their babies to meet you.❤️🦌

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Sweet babies including Miss Cricket 🥰

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HeartCat Very Happy

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I just go crazy over these adorable pics!  And that close-up of the fawn just melts my heart!!  


And so does adorable Cricket too!!  

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@MamaWick   I see two dots on the head, is this a male and those spots are where antlers will grow?  Love these pictures!