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DEER Wednesday 11/09/2022

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Re: DEER Wednesday 11/09/2022

@MamaWick   Looks like the good looking buck is back. He knows how to pose for the camera. 🦌🦌🥕🥕


Woofs and hugs to adorable Miss Willow White cuddled in her mama's arms.  🥰


Woofs and love to sweet Cricket in heaven. 💕🌈

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Re: DEER Wednesday 11/09/2022

Hello beautiful bucks... They are handsome.. wow.

Willow you are a doll. sleeping with Mom.

Wish I could meet you Willow... what a personality you have... beautiful.  Love these wonderful pictures... 

Thank you for them Mama..

It helps me so much.

Love and blessings to you and all.


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Re: DEER Wednesday 11/09/2022

Standout photos of the Buck surrounded by natural beauty and good food!!!!!  Everything so calm and peaceful and welcoming.


Cutie pie Willow White stretched out like a baby having sweet dreams!  Adorable.

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Re: DEER Wednesday 11/09/2022

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Hello handsome boy!  You have no idea the smiles and warmth you bring to so many!


Willow, I see the happy tummy!  I am sure you love to snuggle.  My 85 lb. boy does to!Smiley Happy

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Re: DEER Wednesday 11/09/2022

@MamaWick I am so obsessed with looking at the inside of their ears!   The  buck in the 3rd pic has the inside of his ears that look like the pebbles and rocks.  How cool!!  Oh well,  I love seeing those nuances in your pics.  

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Re: DEER Wednesday 11/09/2022

Cute Willow… and…good looking Bucks.