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My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness ~ Dalai Lama XIV

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Glad to see several there for their usual treats!  They're all so adorable!  I can never get enough of the deer pics!!  Heart

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Gentle deer, lovely back rounds, nature's gifts, I just need to go to MamaWick's photos to see it all !!!  The tranquility of the pictures, seeing the deer enjoying their treats always uplifting.  And of course I always appreciate the Wick's daily acts of kindness.  It is a good time of day!!!!!

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Hello babies!!!!Smiley Happy   Lovely!!!

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Hi beautiful and handsome deer!

So glad to see you everyday!

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It’s a gray rainy day here.  

Thank you for the peace, and joy you and your family bring.

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You got some good "mix" photos today.  I'm enjoying seeing the does & bucks mixing & mingling.  Their appetites are ready for the carrot meal.

Thanks for sharing.

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Re: DEER Tuesday 09/21/2021

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@MamaWick   Sweet treats for the beautiful deer from the sweethearts, Mama and PapaWick. Enjoy in good health.  

I don't know how some will hunt them.  It breaks my heart to see or hear of that.


 Yes, I know that in some places the population might be getting too much for the area, but there are other ways to deal with the situation.  

We back a woods and have deer visiting us in the early morning or late at night.  They enjoy my flowers, bushes, and even the faux fences from the Q.  My thinking is everyone has to eat.  

Woofs to sweet Cricket in heaven. A beautiful heart breaker for sure.  You are missed by your family and we your extended family.  Hugs. 💕

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This is a younger group of deer.  The Bucks have new antler growth compare to some Bucks with a chandelier!  lol  Oh, they love those carrots. It seems they approach the carrots with caution.  @MamaWick   You should have a house guest this week.  Wait until she sees the deer.  I hope a large group visits.

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What a treat to see this happy group enjoying their treats in peace and safety.  It’s a joy to see a fur creature eating without fear.  It takes so much love to provide such comfort.