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It looks like things are back to normal, the deer quietly hanging out and eating, a tranquil scene of nature!


I love that close up of Cricket, all wide eyed and in thought.  Maybe she is quietly thinking about her weekend visit to Roo and the fun they shared.  Such a pretty girl!!!


Smiles and feeling good!!!!!!!

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Hi Cricket and crew! 🐾❤️🦌🐾❤️🦌

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Cricket looks so thoughtful.  I hope she has figured out the answer to the world's problems.


Lovely deer soothe the spirit.

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Re: DEER Tuesday 04/06/2021

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There you are beautiful beautiful deer! (and sweet snuggly Cricket!)

I can't tell you how I look forward to seeing them esp after a long day.

They really lift my spirits and I know so many of us feel the same!

Thank you @MamaWick !Heart

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Oh that close-up of Cricket just steals my heart!!  Adorable!!


The deer are cute too but Cricket tops them with that picture!  HeartSmiley Very Happy

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@MamaWick  I just looked at your pictures of Cricket and the deer and I think it's the first time I smiled today. Having a BAD day today. I think I either pinched a nerve or pulled a muscle ( or both ) in my left shoulder yesterday evening. Actually, I'm  pretty sure I did it taking the ham out of the oven on Easter. And it just really kicked up last night. So I spent the whole beautiful day with a heating pad watching mindless tv. Have a doctor's appointment on Friday. So thanks for the smile, I needed it.❤️

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Re: DEER Tuesday 04/06/2021

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@MamaWick   Happy deer now that the Wiicks are back home.  

Thank you.  Happy me to see a picture of sweet Cricket.


 You and PapaWick are such good puppy parents.   Although you have said that Cricket is along in years, her eyes are clear like a pup.  



Woofs and hugs to Cricket, my favorite of all the pictures you share.   

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The deer are always beautiful.

Wouldn’t you like to know what little Cricket is thinking?

Just the cutest pup, thinking happy thoughts.  

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So glad they're back .  Was getting worried.  Cricket is such a Love, and so good about tolerating all the visitors.