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The group looks lovely!  So nice to see all of those trusting souls!


Miss Willow is a growin' youngin'!  Look at that!Smiley Happy


Hugs to all!

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Sweet pictures 🥰

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It's nice to see all the visitors out and about, having their carrots at the Wick Haven.   Spring is in the air and nature moves to another season bringing us chirping birds, lovely gardens of flowers and foliage and of course our forest friends in photos of delight and peace!


Willow also is enjoying her treats and completes the happy scene!  It's always a uplifting visit to the Wick Haven.

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That close up is just tooo cute!!

and Willow too! I would have to kiss the top of her sweet head.

Lots of young deer on a beautiful sunny day. Just what I need to see! 💗 

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Oh look there they are.. There are some little ones... I think I am right... How they trust you... they come so close to you.

Gee, wish I had a house again... When I had a house we would see all sorts of wildlife..

when my husband died, I didn't keep the house.

Who is the little  brown deer eating out of the dish?

Thank you so much for cheering me up.

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Just look at those wee ones!  Simply beautiful.


I love Willow's girly-girl bowls and mat. 

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Quite the crowd today.  Yep the two nose shot is adorable! 

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@MamaWick   Whoo hoo!  It's give one carrot, get two noses day! 🥕🦌.


All are so beautiful and well behaved.  A sunny day, deer and Miss Willow White feeling herself.  What could be better?  Me joining ya'll.  

Woofs and hugs to Miss Willow White 🥰 Nom nom sweetheart.   

Woofs and love to sweet Cricket in heaven.  💕🌈

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