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DEER Friday 08/11/2023

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Look at Rocky's right broken antler! Lots of new growth. Both his antlers are wild, though and, for lack of a better word, deformed.  Counting points on both antlers, he has 11!









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Love his happy face!

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MamaWick, thank you for posting this picture of Rocky!


I am thankful nothing seems to be threatening his eyes. Is he being accepted a bit more by the others or are you still needing to ensure he gets fed? 


Thank heavens you are looking out for these lovely creatures.


Willow is vigilant and making sure nothing escapes her! 

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@MamaWick    Hi Rocky!  Me thinks he might have some starfish in his background.  Starfish regrow their legs.  He looks so handsome.  Love his smile.  🦌🦌


Woofs and hugs to adorable Miss Willow White.  Willow looks like she's found something interesting and that doe on the right is watching.   🥰


Woofs and love to sweet Cricket in heaven. 💕🌈

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