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Such beautiful and innocent faces 🥰

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I didn't know Miss Cricket was not feeling well I hope she is doing better. She has such wonderful parents 😘

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First of all, want to comment on the darling fawn.  So precious and beautiful!


Now to Cricket.  My heart is breaking again reading your post.  I'm so sad over your precious baby girl.  Yes, continue to hold her and love her as much as you can.  I know it's not good if she's not eating.  All my love, prayers and hugs to darling Cricket.  Heart

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The deer are enchanting and stunning. @MamaWick  I'm sorry to hear about Cricket. I've had several dogs stop eating like that. I'm thinking and praying the best for you all.

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Re: DEER Friday 07/16/2021

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These beautiful photos make one think of the Elysian Fields referred to in poetry and literature.  Your work takes us to another realm, MamaWick.  So refreshing and joy-inducing.


[Only now did I see your news about sweet Cricket.  You and PapaWick are the best parents to her.  I am moved that you are each holding her and telling her it is okay if she needs to leave.  She has such soulful eyes, as has been written, and we have fallen in love with her from afar.  I am so sad that she is sick.  Please give her an extra hug from me.  Thank you.]




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@MamaWick  sending prayers your way.  

If my dog doesn't like you, neither do I.
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@MamaWick   Mama and Mija happy together at the Wick's home. Definitely a bit of sunshine and smiles.  

Woofs, hugs, kisses, and gentle belly rubs to sweet Cricket.  I know that she is in good hands with you and PapaWick.  We are joining hands in prayers that she doesn't suffer, and that she regains her appetite.  Sending you and PapaWick hugs as well. 💕