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My great nephew who is eleven is fascinated with WWII.  His bookshelves are filled with WWII books. he has  all sorts of memorabilia that his grandfather, my brother, has bought him and  I too have contributed to his collections.  No one in the family knows how this interest started but he is very much in to anything surrounding WWII.  Sometimes I say he is reincarnated !


I have not forgotten my WWII history and some of the stories my uncles passed along.  Heaven is filled with those brave souls who sacrificed their lives for their country.

 I read a book abt Gen George Patton . It included alot of info abt how complex some of the  battle plans were . It included maps.  Even though, the school I attened was very good in teaching us abt WWi, WWII , this book included more info which was facinating. The History channel 's programs abt WWi & WWII  are excellent .

It is so sad how many  people of all ages and from so many countries died during both wars .

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Let us all remember this day in history. I am very worried that we are the last generation who would remember anything of WW2. Unfortunately....


I have visited Normandy, it is a fascinating land and invasion points are amazing , touching , powerful and unforgettable. I highly recommend everybody to go there.


I hope I will be back.

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Many forget, some didn't/don't know! Most of the US Armed Forces fighting that war were very young men and woman, some not even legal age. Seasoned Pilots were as young as 20 years old. 


I am glad I was living in that era of time and now am an old man. This country is not even close to that era of time and not for the better, in my opinion. Sure there were problems, some similar as today.


I didn't grow up in the south so I will leave that out of my experiences because I grew up in Public Housing Projects that were not segregated most of the time I lived there.


I will "Never Forget" the sacrifices those brave men and woman made for us me be able to live the life I have. The numbers of men and woman that fought that war are dwindling, and I salute every single one of them.




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