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Since Cyber Monday traditionally has been after Black Friday for ONLINE shopping, and since I'm guessing Black Friday was mostly online this year, do you think the "deals" will be extended?


IMO they have to offer similar deals, or the customers will not be happy.



Also, do you think merchants will continue to offer deals in the coming weeks? I think they will. I think they will almost have to so people will continue to buy.



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I think there will still be online deals.  Companies want our business and they know people aren't going to the stores now and mostly purchasing online. I think deals will continue as close to Xmas as possible. 

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I heard on the national news that most retailers have neither the quanity or variety of merchandise they normally carry.  If you badly want or need something, shop early.

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Kohls is offering great deals. Spend $50 and get $10 off but the only catch is

you have to then spend $75 to get free shipping. 


I used to just throw in a gift card to get the free shipping but it seems that is

no longer allowed.


Still I combined it with my Kohls cash on top of their 20% off and did very well.

Got several gifts and of course a few things for myself and most were on clearance. 



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Definately, variety is missing in 2020. A lot of the so called "deals" or sales is old merchandise. Restocking fresh, new exciting, not so much.

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Re: Cyber Monday

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I placed orders on-line on Black Friday.  A few of the places I ordered from have a better deal today.  For instance, I shopped with Flower Beauty on-line on Black Friday and rec'd 30% off with free s/h.  Today they are offering 40% off and free s/h.  


OTOH, a few places had better rebates through rebate sites on Black Friday than they do today.


Kohls is a huge disappointment.  Last year they offered free s/h on Cyber Monday.  Not this year and the rebates through sites are awful.  I only need 2 items and they are under $50.00 so I don't qualify for the free s/h.  I also could not care less about their Kohls cash.