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I very seldom use coupons for food at the grocery store. Majority are for unhealthy processed/pre-made foods which we don't buy. I do use coupons for stores like BB&B, Michaels, Jo-Ann Fabrics, etc.

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@jackthebear wrote:

we always cut grocery coupons

but lately the expiration dates are so quick who has time


2 weeks? 

but I cut out anything I might use 



Yes P&G are the worst. Our region no longer gets Tide coupons, you have to print them and you only get one.


I save a ton with coupons, I haven't paid for toothbrushes, toothpaste, Mr Clean etc for years. When I can get 20 bottles of Herbal Essense shampoo for $1 a bottle, I buy it and share


There is a lot of processed food coupons, I don't buy that. It's usually household stuff and dog food. I have saved $3900 in the past 12 months..


I also use Saving Star when I remember