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I like milk, whole not 2%, and put a little pure vanilla extract in it.  

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I had cereal for dinner tonight. Cheerios with milk and strawberries. DH is on Keto right now so I have lots of cereal to use up on my own while he gnaws on celery and steaks.....some cereal is good dry but is usually pretty that stuff but it is addictive. 

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@sherrikay wrote:

big yuck on dry cereal. I have to have milk,and either a banana, or blueberries 🫐 and of course my coffee


YES!  I love bananas or blueberries on my cereal!

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I only eat two types of cereal, oatmeal with blueberries and a bit of nonfat milk, and plain bran flakes with nonfat milk, I add the cereal a little at a time, eat it, so it doesn't get mushy, then add more, and add raisins.  If I eat the bran in the morning, I eat it dry with my tea.

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@hckynut  I was looking for your post as recalled you are a big cereal fan. You would enjoy UP North in Mn. and Wi. where Hockey is a popular sport for HS and college. Evelyth, Mn. has the Hockey Hall of Fame which you probably already know?


I get hungry midmorning unless the cereal is a good whole wheat fiber type. Hot in Winter and cold in summer. Old Fashioned Oats or Steel Cut Oats are my favorites. My Grandmother ate  Old Fashioned oatmeal everyday and bought it in bulk, 25 pound bags. She said every horse needs its oats.

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Thanks for your post. Yep, cereal is a big part of the foods I choose to eat. As you said, Old Fashioned and Steel Cut Oats, are a part of it, all seasons.


Very aware of the presence of hockey in both the states you mentioned. Didn't know about the Hockey Hall of Fame was in that city in Minnesota.


In our City of Omaha, we have a USHL and Division 1 college hockey teams. We did have the Flames AHL team for 2 years, but unfortunately, lacking fan support the pulled out.


Our city has a Hockey Hall of Fame with many great players that began their professional careers here in Omaha. Gordie Howe and Terry Sawchuck are among the first. Scotty Bowman also started his pro coaching career here in '63, as coach of  Montreal's CPHL Farm Team, Omaha Knights hockey team.


I am proud to say, my name is also present in a special category, in the Omaha Hockey Hall of Fame. Very humbled when chosen for that award presented in a Hall of Fame Luncheon Ceremony.


Your grandmother was one wise lady. Stay well, and enjoy you cereal and hockey!



hckynut 🥅🏒

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@hckynut  Wow what an honor to your legacy. I would be proud also and you still skate!! I dated a hockey referee for UW-Madison and High School a short time after my divorce and he said it was getting tough to do in his 50s. I met some of his hockey friends. They all had nicknames like Cruiser and Bruiser. LOL


That Grandmother raised six children alone during the Depression. She cleaned houses and did odd jobs. She made great breads and coffeecakes with out a receipe. When we visited we brought farm eggs along which we ate but she stuck with the oatmeal every AM.

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I've always been a slow eater. And growing up I had to have my cereal with milk. It always got milk sodden and mushy before I could finish. So I much prefer dry cereal without milk now that it is up to me.


I consider a bowl of cereal to be a substantial but carby snack more than a breakfast. If no one is around to notice, I just eat it by hand like a bowl of trail mix.

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I ate it dry for dinner last night.  Didn,t feel like going shopping.

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As a child,I never ate cold cereal before going to school!  I like mini wheats, Cheerios, Rice Krispies and Raisin Bran, but am allergic to milk, so I cannot start my day with cold cereal.   I prefer oatmeal or cream of wheat with sugar and butter.