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I like to snack on Kashi blueberry clusters. Dry.
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I'm not a cereal lover and didn't care for it that much as a kid. A couple of times of year, I'll have Honey Nut Cheerios (purchased in those individual serving bowls) but I have to have milk. I'm not a milk drinker either and this is about the only way I'll eat/drink milk.

My roommate in college always ate Life Cinnamon cereal as a snack food.
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About three or four days a week, we eat Special K Original Protein cereal with bananas, rasperries, blueberries, and if in season, fresh sliced peaches, topped with a few walnuts. I can't imagine eating it without milk.

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@hckynut wrote:



No, you are not the only one. I eat most cereal as a snack, not by the bowl. None of the ones I eat are in a bowl unless it is Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat. Grapenuts I eat dry with a big spoonful. 


I stick pretty much with the cereals that are as close to natural as possible, not those that are mostly sugar coated. Keep them in closed plastic containers, easier to grab s handful when passing by them.




OMG the heck do you eat dry Grapenuts?!  my husband makes a racket eating Grapenuts...even with milk!!!

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I see a lot of you like to put fruit on top of your cereal, I guess I'm a little odd because although I love cereal and fruit I don't care for them mixed together.  


In the morning I'll have a dish of cereal and a dish of blueberries or some other type of berries on the side.  The same with bananas.  I love them but not in my cereal.  


I know I have strange eating patterns.  My husband always thought it was funny that I put milk in my cereal but I don't drink milk.  I just use it to moisten my cereal.  I don't put  a lot of milk in my bowl so when I'm done with the cereal I throw the milk down the drain.  

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I love cereal but don't eat it anymore.   I don't like milk so would put just enough to soften the cereal and then drain it out of my spoon before eating.  I miss cereal.


My college roommate put OJ on her cereal.  She didn't like milk either.  I just couldn't go that far.


DH will grab a handful of dry cereal and eat that.  And a former boss brought dry cereal for her mid morning snack.

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Well, it seems like it's either love it or hate it! LOL! I'm on the "love it" side of cereal - it's quick, easy, and somewhat nutritious (depending on which one you like)! I have a small bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios or Special K with milk every morning. Timing is everything - the cereal can not soak in the milk! It needs to be eaten when it's just nicely coated and still a bit crunchy!!

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\@Pearlee wrote:

@Mom2Dogs wrote:

I like dry cereal...I would like to find one that is not loaded with  sugar that I could eat as a snack.

@Mom2Dogs  Wheat Chex.


       There are 52 grams of carbs in a cup of Wheat Chex.  It may be lighter in sugar but is very carb dense.

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@Mom2Dogs wrote:

Thanks, one day at the grocery, I started reading took forever and gave up before I found something that I would consider eating.

   I did that too.  That's when I gave up cereal.  
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@AngelPuppy1 wrote:



I'm not sure, but isn't Cheerio's pretty low in sugar? 


    Don't know but they have 31 grams of carbs per cup.  That is a lot for one part of one meal.