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@Oznell :


alternate topper





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Big Lots has the best prices on cereal in my experience, even with my extra 5% off discount for using my Target Red Card.
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the grocery stores that i shop in in the baltimore area have loads of cereals.


right now in my cupboard i have frosted flakes, corn flakes, rice krispies, captain crunch with crunch berries, oatmeals, and raisin bran crunch.

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I used to really enjoy cereal.  Such an easy quick meal.  I've been avoiding grains and processed sugar for a few years now, so no longer buy it.


I was a cereal mixer and preferred it to be on the soggy side - not too soggy, but definitely not too crisp.  Yeah, I used to be a real cereal afficianado.  Can hardly believe I don't eat it at all anymore.  And I don't miss it either believe it or not.


I blend myself a mixture of different fruits in water and a splash of coconut milk for breakfast now and I do enjoy that.

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The first thing I eat when I get up in the morning is my cereal.  I only eat Total - I use it as my vitamin pill!  And it is not regularly on the shelf at the grocery these days.  When it is in stock, DH picks up several boxes for me.


Don't want any of the sugary cereals that are plentiful in the cereal aisle.  In a pinch I'll eat Special K, but I want my Total!

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@kaydee50 wrote:

Yes, and also how expensive it's become.  $5.00 for a box of Wheaties!!!

@kaydee50 and the boxes are a lot smaller too!
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I always wanted to go to one of those cereal bars.

I've heard of a place called Ceriality. You can pick two cereals with added delights. They have hot cereal, also. I think their menu may be attached at the bottom of this message.  

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Cereality Menu
cereal bowl"OUR WAY" COLD CEREALY:

Make it a meal, add coffee, juice, milk or tea OR add a smoothie, parfait, or yogurt.


Make it a meal, add coffee, juice, milk or tea OR add a smoothie, parfait, or yogurt.


Make it a meal, add coffee, juice, milk or tea OR add a smoothie, parfait, or yogurt..


Create your own parfait, choose from granola or cereal, low-fat vanilla yogurt, and up to 3 different toppings..


Customize your own cereal box with up to 8 cereals and 4 toppings. Makes a great gift! (Includes a PRIZE inside: A Cereality SLOOP® The spoon that sips like a straw..


Choose from a selection of Cereality® signature cereal blends, formulated to sustain its crunch. Also enjoy an assortment of juices and milks and whole, fresh fruit..



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Just have done pickup so I have no idea what the inside of the stores look like now.  


But I am going to die from lack bananas.  What use is cereal without them.  Oh and milk, but that is a different issue.

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Not to sound insane or anything, but I am addicted to Special K Protein Original cereal. I have it on auto delivery on Amazon. It was temporarily out of stock for my last delivery, so I wasted no time in ordering it from Target. Now Amazon has it again. Yay! Let's just say that I am quite well-stocked. We eat it with fresh berries, banana, and sprinkling of nuts.


There are a few other food items that I am obsessive about, but I won't bore you anymore. :-)

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