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Carolyn & Dan- NO notice...Just gone!

WOW!!! A great way of showing gratitude to your hosts, QVC! Letting people go without any notice! People who rely on this income. People in their early 60s. 


QVC has hired some pretty poor new hosts lately. These people get to stay!!! I can think of several people who should have been let go first! (Namely Stacey Rusch, Steve, Rosina). What exactly was the purpose of hiring Steve?


Carolyn was the face of D&Co- She actually wore this line of clothing (the best-selling clothing on the Q, I think?) It's shocking that they would remove her! No other host actually wears this crappy clothing. 


It's okay, the execs are still making their millions! 

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Re: Carolyn & Dan- NO notice...Just gone!

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395 non-television personalities also lost their livelihoods. 


Those 395 "regular" people were also given no notice.

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Re: Carolyn & Dan- NO notice...Just gone!

I guess QVC is trying to grow young.  Shame to see them go.

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Re: Carolyn & Dan- NO notice...Just gone!

That's the new norm. I was laid off my job when I was 62 and my former employer did me a huge favor. Just the kick in the rear I needed to find something better. And I had 4 job offers right after being laid off. Dan and Carolyn will weather this just fine. No need to feel sorry for them.

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Re: Carolyn & Dan- NO notice...Just gone!

Why is it necessary to call out other hosts and call for them to be fired when showing support for Carolyn or Dan? *facepalm*


I'm sure all the hosts are upset and worried over their own jobs. This shows how disposable they are to the company.

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Re: Carolyn & Dan- NO notice...Just gone!

How did you discover they are gone.

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Re: Carolyn & Dan- NO notice...Just gone!

The only reason I can think of is they are paid more than some of the other hosts. 


I have no problem with the hosts you mentiond but I could list 5 that I won't miss.

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Re: Carolyn & Dan- NO notice...Just gone!

I'm sorry to see Carolyn go but I don't feel sorry for her. She's been working hard for QVC and hopefully fairly  compensated.  

I do agree that the disrespectful way she and Dan were let go is wrong.  It reeks of ageism. It seems the majority of Q customers are over 50 so it doesn't seem a good business decision.  I know it's all about the $.  Maybe Carolyn's salary was a factor. I've seen that happen in my own life.  They can hire a younger person for alot less. Another bad decision, I'll miss Carolyn. 

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Re: Carolyn & Dan- NO notice...Just gone!

When did this happen?!! I’m SHOCKED!!
Carolyn was one of the BEST detailed host when describing clothes and the materials, how they fit, and would state SIZES!!
Dan was “the man” who knew tools and gadgets from LIFE EXPERIENCE and was able to explain to us how and when an item was going to be TRULY useful!!

But when did this happen????
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Re: Carolyn & Dan- NO notice...Just gone!

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D&C is NOT crappy clothing.  It is well made and well received.


It is not my style at all, but my sis loves it.


Carolyn always looked beautiful in it and was a better brand ambassador for it than any other host.



Advance notice is not usually given by many companies.




And let's not accuse ageism.....the last host lay offs include SEVERAL young ones and you have NO idea of the senority OR ages of all the other employees that lost their jobs.


WE HAVE NO DETAILS....just assumptions, conjecture and guesses.



The only fact we know is that a LOT of people lost their jobs and that is sad.