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@songbird @Karie2022 I'm not one for cold air conditionioning either ladies!  


I know exactly the merry go round you're speaking of!

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I had to go off my hormone replacement therapy and so am now having horrible hot flashes. While I used to sleep ok, now it's sheet on, sheet off all through the night. I am heat intolerant and so these flashes make me feel inhuman. 

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@songbird -

It's awful to have that kind of night isn't it?!

I like to sleep with it really cold cause I get hot. I have a lightweight faux down comforter which I love- I got it from QVC years ago.

My daughter came the other day and said "it's 2 degrees in here!"

lol, yes it probably does feel like that.

I like going to my other daughter's house because hers is almost as cold as mine.

In the morning it is too cold and I put on a sweatshirt right away.

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