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@El_Lay wrote:

DVR service at no additional charge, and you can fast forward through commercials.

@Jordan2   I would also like to add that YOuTube TV built-in DVR storage is UNLIMITED as well as FREE.  You can keep the shows, movies, etc that you record for up to 1 yr or more before it's automatically deleted.


Their tv guide grid you can customize either through your tv, computer and/or mobile devices.

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Re: Cable Or Hulu Live

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We cut cable cord few years ago. Wonder what took us so long!  Of course, we have internet through Xfinity, subscribe to Hulu, Sling, Netflix  and have a Roku tv with tons of free tv stuff. We also have the cheap indoor antenna and get the local yokel channels for free. Total bill...about 85$ a month. Cable was over 200$.  My two adult sons still live at home and they subscribe to Paramount+, Peacock, Apple TV.  So I have more tv than I ever had.


Of course they pay for their extra channels but we get the benefit!

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XUMO and freevee are free streaming and have lots of movies and TV shows. I also added peacock and a lot of movies are free as well there.

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With any of the services mentioned in this thread, is it possible to view on both your TV and on a device such as an iPad? I like to watch TV on my iPad while my husband watches the big TV. I currently use DirecTV to do this. I can also do this with Amazon Prime, regular YouTube and Netflix. 

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@Mindy D   With YouTube TV you can.  What I like about that is I can customize all my settings as well select programs to  record through my comp instead of my TV.


You can research yourself for the other services by going to their website(s).

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I have YouTube TV and I really really like it.  I used to love it, but they got rid of Regional Sports Networks (most streaming services did except Hulu.  However Hulu is a little more expensive and doesn;t have any Turner networks. That's a deal breaker.)

Not having NESN means not seeing regular season Red Sox and Bruins games.

In Boston, that is like putting an air bubble in your IV.  The reason I have stayed with YouTube TV is they are incredibly easy to navigate, they have an otherwise phenomenal channel lineup, they have UNLIMITED DVR cloud storage (nobody else has that) and while they have had 2 price increases in three years they are still only $65.00 MO 

including ALL CHARGES!  My internet is high speed through Astound (formerly RCN)

and is $57.00 MO. There are cheaper and slower  speeds available but I am an impatient Gemini.   I have my phone thru AT&T at $47.00 MO  I am very happy with the price and the service and the content I have. Plus---no ugly boxes and wires to deal with having WiFi TV!  A strong YouTubeTV recommend.

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We cut the cord just about a month ago and went with YouTube TV.  The only thing I like about it is the price, there are too many minor inconveniences and annoyances that add up or maybe I haven't figured it out yet. 


For me not being able to get back to the actual guide without having to start all over again is one of them.


They are also missing about 6 channels that I used to watch.  

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With "streaming" services it's important to get the highest internet speed your ISP has to offer and/or you can afford.  Otherwise, you will keep buffering till the cows come home after jumping over the moon.


What you DON'T want to see while trying to watch something.



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@Jordan2 wrote:

After a lengthy stay with my sister I will finally be moving into an apartment.  Money will be a little tight but of course I will need internet, I will want a landline phone ( I'm old fashioned), and of course TV. I will be getting Verizon Fios and was wondering if I would be better off getting internet, phone, and TV, or internet, phone, and subscribe to Hulu Live? I would definitely want live TV, I could go with Hulu, YouTube TV, or Sling ( I would checkout which channels each streaming service has). Has anyone cut the cord with cable and are you happy?



I have cable because Im a sport's fan and its the best way to get LIVE sports......However, my sister cut the cord and went with You Tube TV.....some of the programming isn't live, and she cant watch our local NBA team (You Tube couldnt work out a deal with the Ballysports channel so they canceled that channel) She can watch the NFL with the regular brodcast channels, but nixed Red Zone since that was extra......And she had to make sure she had reliable internet to stream shows...she likes the unlimited DVR......she can make her own schedule to watch her favorite shows....

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@CelticCrafter  I to cut cable and went with YouTubeLive. It is quite the learning curve. 

Cable TV was easy to use and you could just channel surf with ease. Sadly where I live we have only one cable option and it is just unaffordable. 


I am slowly getting used to Youtubelive. I have the package with HBO, SHOtime and Starz. 


I just add all my shows to my library, customized the guide and get by that way. 


I have saved over $130.00 a month so in the long run it is worth it.