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I agree with all the interrupting  the sellers!!!

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I cannot and do not watch Jane or Antonella. Jane talks too much and too fast, way too self-featuring and her faux LOUD enthusiasm is not for me. Antonella is much too loud and laughs every other minute. I know other viewers enjoy them. Great, enjoy.


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Why don’t the people yakking in their ear phones know any better?


After all, if a host is selling cookware, I’d think there would be different parameters than if they are selling clothing items.

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I know this is a discussion of what goes on at QVC which really is just a reflection of what goes on in real life. There are some people I’d just rather not talk to because of it. Sometimes I give up all hope of contributing to the conversation. 

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How about Alberti is very rude when he interrupts his  co host. he takes over the presentation and the tasting of the food. He never trust his co host to do the presentation. he did it to Antonella and to Gabrielle. The ladies do a better job than him.