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Just curious, those of you who celebrate Christmas, will you be gathering this year?


Due to pandemic our family will not be getting together for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

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It's only July where I live. Can't make firm plans for a holiday that's 5 months off.

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Gathering only by zoom, facetime, or some other distancing measure. So sad. I had my family (who are all out of town), over the weekend after Christmas for the first time ever and it was absolutely wonderful. We had non-traditional holiday food-filled meal, opened gifts, reminisced and laughed to no end, and took lots of pictures. It was wonderful to see my elderly mom, who lives with me, laugh so much, especially since she has dementia. Everyone always wants to stay at their own homes for Christmas, but this was so fantastic that I thought I would repeat it again this year and we were all looking forward to it. That's off the table now. Also, my mom's 80th birthday and my 30th wedding anniversary are on the same day next month. Big celebration that I had planned is also off the table. Wow!! What a year this has been. But so thankful that in my space, we are all still here to tell the tale. 

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Have to wait and see how things are going at that time. We are in late 70's so definitely won't be flying, using hotels, restaurants etc.  May get together with daughter, son-in-law and young granddaughter since they live only 30 minutes from us if we can do it safely, but we're not expecting to take any trips or do gatherings sooner than a year from now, and even that feels optimistic since we live in FL hotspot. 

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I don't do a big Christmas anymore, but if I did, I wouldn't be making up my mind now about what I might or might not be doing in December.

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We are planning on Thanksgiving together as long as our hospitalization numbers stay down.  In the northeast we have been fairing rather well these past couple of months. Had our share of illness and deaths close to the beginning.  Being in RI we were in between NY and Boston which got us caught up in it big time!  We are thankful for things calming down and hoping for the best everywhere.  Also Christmas we will be together, if all is well.  We have a small bunch so it's not like we would be a large group.


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We have a wedding to attend in about a month. Venue says hopefully it will be a go but I have my doubts. I don't see anywhere where over one hundred people will be able to gather indoors. It's close family. 

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This might be the year for new holiday traditions. 

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It will depend on how things are at that time.  If the numbers are holding steady or increasing then no, we won't get together for the holidays.  

I look on this year as a year of sacrifice.  I am willing to give up the family gatherings to help keep my loved ones safe as best I can...and they want me to be safe, too.  We don't have to be physically together to express our love and good wishes (though I am not saying I won't miss it!).


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Oh my gosh.....Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Between my husband passing away, Covid, the fact that I have a really small family to begin with (and now even smaller), and that 2 of my nephews live out of state, it would be more than fine with me to vault right from November 1st to January 2nd. Make the holidays go away. 

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