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@BalletBabe - Just a great family all round!


The mother couldn't seem to make up her mind. She claims she notified the police after not seeing Caylee for 31 days and smelling what she described as a dead body smell in the trunk of Casey's car.


Then she turns around and says Casey was a "good mother" and she doesn't believe she killed her.


Try to get your story straight, Mrs. Anthony!  Sickening is one word.

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@occasionalrain wrote:

A jury of her peers who saw every moment of the trial found her not guilty. She has a right to live her life as she wishes.


There wasn't  even a cause of death so proving murder on assumption and supposition was a stretch. 


To me, it looked more like an accident and a cover up. They got a conviction on what they could prove. They may have convicted her on child neglect and abuse of a corpse if they had included it.

It was NO accident. Casey was very busy dirty dancing at the clubs while her daughter was buried in the ground - with a blanket right out Caylee's bedroom. Casey is a true psychopath.


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@nova wrote:

Maybe her first case can be to investigate the reason why she waited 31 DAYS to report her poor innocent baby missing!!  This case will always sadden me to the core.  

Actually it was Casey's mother who called the police at 31 days. Casey was very busy socializing at dance clubs. She was jealous of her daughter.


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@spiderw wrote:

Funny comment BalletBabe!!!!!


  At some point in grammar school my circle of friends were given nick names.  Mine, Spider, just went with my last name and that was that!  Actually it followed through out my teens and even into adult hood with a few people.  I picked my Q forum name of course including Spider and added woman!!!!!  I guess over the years Spider grew on me, LOL!!!!

@spiderw   Well my name started with my brother calling me Babe.  Then I got into Dance and he started with the Ballet Babe.  Most people don't know my real name  My friends heard him call me BalletBabe and that was the end of my real name  LOLOLOL

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That is a great story especially the part where most people don't even know your name!!!!

When younger, I often was only addressed as Spider and I also had people asking, by the way what is your real name!!!!  Happy New Year!!