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Re: CA Fires Day 12 Home Again

I'd want to have a fireplace vacuum if I faced this cleanup. They're designed to deal with vacuuming embers, but also very fine particulates, like ash. Most standard vacs can't deal with very fine particles, which is why they advise against vacuuming things like drywall dust.


Best of luck in the cleanup and recovery, @dulwich .

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Re: CA Fires Day 12 Home Again

@dulwich   I've been praying for you the whole time and visualizing a positive outcome.


I have a friend that was burned out of her house in August, 2016, and she, husband, teen children and pets had to relocate to a rental for over a year while they salvaged the parts of the home they could restore and rebuild the rest.  Even her garage haad all the soot and so forth.  If I recall correctly a wet-dry vacuum was helpful in cleaning the portions of the home that were retained before the add on.  Everyone at the office chipped in cash or gently used items to replace things she immediately needed.


May good fortune continue to grace you and be patient.  Keep your health and don't tax yourself physically because the emotional stress has to have been exhausting enough.


Best to you,


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Re: CA Fires Day 12 Home Again



I hope things are going well and you are almost done with the clean up 


Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive what could go right.