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After living in an apartment since 2015 we are longing to own a house again, as the rent keeps going up, We have a realtor to help us find one we can afford with payments less than what we are paying now.  It would be so nice to have our own yard again, bird feeders and a small garden. Even if we are elderly, it's what we want. I hope it's not stupid. Praying we make the right decision. At our apt. we don't know anyone, they come and go. 

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@gloriajean  Good for you.   It's not stupid, its a great idea. 


I just put bird seed in all the feeders outside my kitchen window and really enjoy watching them.  One time there were about 20 birds all together on all the feeders.

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Depending on which state you live in, NOW is the time to buy a house and/or autos.  Especially if your state/city/county is a "hot" zone.  Huge discounts can be had.

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Now might be a great time to buy as real estate market is hurting and interest rates are down.  If you are an elder I bet there are amazing buys in Senior Communities.

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The intrest rates are low right now. It is a good time to buy. You will save money in the long in. 

Good luck on your home search!

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We just bought a new van, ditched the SUV, too small . He went in with a set amount he could pay they tried to come in with an offer 5,000 over he got up and we headed to the door.


Got called back, 5,000 was laid to rest and we paid what we wanted too.

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@gloriajean      We are at that point of wanting to downsize... a yard that someone else takes care of.....



In our home for 30 years and has a yard like a park.  Peaceful, nice neighborhood.


The yard  upkeep is expensive- tree trimming and care and bark... etc .. and I do most of it all myself... weeding, leaf raking etc.  At 65 I can do it so far even with four replaced joints. 


We own our home free and clear... but the property taxes are $6000 a year and the insurance runs another $1500 plus a year...


we just finished  putting on  new siding... new roof, new windows, new furnace and heat pump and put in a all home generator...    and new back deck..... about $100,000 total....


but still need to upgrade the  the older kitchen and bathrooms and recarpet etc.   Homes just get old after 40 years and everything needs replacing eventually... and things break down too....



I would like to move into a gated community for 55 and older NO CHILDREN. I just think home upkeep is too hard the older we get. 


Make sure it is what you really want and need at this stage of your life. Home ownership comes with a lot of extra things  that you may not want at this time in  your lifel


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I have a piece of advice:  Make sure you have an attorney representing you in the purchase and closing on the house.  Do not rely on real estate agents or title clerks; they are not lawyers.  Do not rely on the seller's attorney; that individual does not represent you and won't have your legal interests to advance.  We would never make a real estate purchase or sale without an attorney representing us, and only us.


Many years ago, we purchased a house from a seller who had multiple financial problems.  Our attorney made sure that none of the seller's financial problems affected us.  Several months later we received an electric bill that was for service before we owned the house.  We turned the bill over to our attorney and she took care of it.



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Thanks for the encouragment!  I need that!  We live in MN.


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@gloriajean  - With interest the way they are, it's a great time to purchase a home.  I wouldn't purchase a fixer-upper or something dated that requires cosmetic upgrades.  Purchase something newer that's ready to move it.  Don't let any horror stories scare you.  They are the exception and not the rule.  Good luck!