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Re: Buying a house

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@Boehm Collecter 


I know what you mean.


Over the years, more people seemed to enter the business with limited English language skills and  often went to work for small brokerages where training was apparently poor or nonexistent .  Even the company owners didn't seem to be on the same page with the more professional ones in our industry, and it was hard to deal with them.


 I had to send back many written offers on listings because the agent didn't have the buyer sign all the clauses, disclosures and addenda.   Unless all pages of a written offer were submitted, it wasn't an offer any seller could too bad if the house gets sold to someone else while you're still fixing up your offer.


I also was in continuing education classes with agents who openly scoffed in class at rules and regulations.  The rest of us in the class could see a lawsuit in those agents' futures from some disgruntled buyer or seller.


And yes, they get paid the same as others in the business who know what they're doing but have to work harder just to get something done right.

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Judging from comments and suggestions here, it seems that home inspections, radon tests, septic inspections, wood-boring insect/termite inspections and other important things are not routinely done in some parts of the country.


It is wise to request an electrical and/or plumbing inspection if Harry Homeowner did repairs or renovations on the house himself 


  Ask to see  building permits if renovations or major updates have been done, or the county code inspector could later find a reason to have you tear out walls to inspect plumbing or wiriing.


A property survey with plat is always required by the title insurer and lender and certainly should be required by any purchaser, anyway.


These were almost always part of any home sale/purchase in the Wash DC/VA/MD area, unless the parties agreed otherwise.


I wouldn't skip them. 


Cost of inspections can be negotiated between buyer and seller, if desired, although certain items are traditionally paid by one or the other party, depending on where the property is and local customs.

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I'm thinking OP is looking for a home in MN. Midwest is quite different than NE. I'm wondering if she and her DH want a yard for their grandaughters to play in.

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Yes, in MN and a yard, attached garage, we've found some nice houses with detached garages, that won;t do.  I already fell and broke my wrist on ice in March so it has to be attached. We haven't seen a house yet except on line.