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I set up an account with Comcast in order to pay bills, Q&A, etc.    So once you set up an "account" with your phone provider, then just follow all instructions on the Norobocall website.   Easy as pie~!  Just time consuming, but worth it.

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We don't have the nomorobo call thing in this area. I tried.

The do not call list used to work for us, or so it seemed. Not now. My dh re registered on it a few months ago. We get more calls now than we did then.

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I received a call from my area code on my cell yesterday and answered it. A guy knew my name and got all friendly like we were old pals and then started his pitch for a charity. I asked him how he got my number since it was not published and he said from a list. He said he would remove me from it, I hope that's true. My cell also has anonymous call rejection which I have on and has caused me to miss some important calls such as from my tax preparer.  I always make it clear that people need to remove their caller i.d. block when they call me. I'm at a point where I don't care anymore if I miss their call. 





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You do know you can set it to block and NOT ring at all.


The instructions are in the book and you set it up using the handset.  There is an on/off option.


I have mine set for off.  All I see is the screen lighting up and then, "Caller Blocked."  I can still see the number that called in by checking the Caller ID.


At least I've stopped the ring!

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@Witchy Woman wrote:



That service is not available from Verizon, my carrierCat Sad


@Witchy Woman - We have Verizon and I can use Nomorobo.

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I have a recording on my line put there by my phone company (CenturyLink).   When a caller dials my number he gets a recording that says,  "this number does not accept sales calls.   If this is a sales call,  hang up now and add this number to your DNC  list.   If it's not a sales call,  press 1" .  Only then does my phone ring.

I get maybe one ring from an unknown area code or sales person every two weeks.   It's practically eliminated a major annoyance.  I've never gotten the IRS call.

Call your phone company and see if they have anything that would help you.   If you answer all the calls you get,  you're asking for trouble. 


Unfortunately nomorobo doesn't seem to be widely available. 

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I have the Panasonic phones and they cut down a lot of calls.  It only cuts down on calls from actual people. If a machine is dialing, it doesn't know that there is a "fast busy signal" it just tries again another time.


I was actually blocking Verizon like crazy.  They are desperate to get me to switch to Fios.  At one time I had 47 Verizon numbers blocked.  


They haven't called me in a very long time.


(I'll probably get a call today!).

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Re: Blocking unwanted calls

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I checked the nomorobo sited and specifically said it did not support traditional Verizon land lines.


Our internet service is bundled with the phone, but I'm not sure that would have an affect.


I just checked today, and it said the same thing, so I can only assume that's the case.

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@Witchy Woman


That is what I was trying to tell my sister, that call blockers do no good ---the scammers and fraudsters just get a new set of number if they use 999-123-456, that gets blocked, they move on to 999-123-457...and on and on and on.... So yep call blockers fill up quickly....  Same problem with for awhile but the scammers have unlimited numbers to use.............


And caller ID does no good because they now use spoofed phone numbers making it look like a legit business that you have a relationship with is calling................


Yep, the scammers get smarter on getting around any device meant to block them....I wish everyone would educate themselves and not fall for these scams....when everyone hangs up on them and doesnt fall for their schemes....maybe they will get bored and find something else to do....we can only hope!


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@CareBears wrote:

@Witchy Woman I pay $4.50 a month for an unlisted number but my husband was looking for a job and 1 of the applications called for 2 phone numbers, and I made the mistake of listing our land line as one of them, I swear within minutes the phone started ringing and we were getting phone calls day & night, several times a day, I was having to take the phone off of the hook, until I found out about this service our cable/phone company offered.


I feel for you though, not answering the phone no longer works, they just keep calling and calling, sad!



Sadly unlisted numbers, state AND federal do not call lists do not work (many of these scams originate from foreign countries over which the FTC has no jurisdiction....)  Even opting out of all credit card and insurance solicitations but this doesnt work either....I have an app on my smartphone and let my answering machine screen my calls on my landline, however, its still a pain in the neck that you have to get up and check to see who called and delete the blocked calls once its filled up! 

Animals are reliable, full of love, true in their affections, grateful. Difficult standards for people to live up to.”