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My DH brought home package of Dial soap bars as he had read that this type of soap was good to use for washing hands re the virus.  Saw one last package in store so bought it.  He then placed bar in every bathroom, shower.


I must say I have not used a bar of soap in ages - all our products in containers, bottles, tubes, etc,  First time using, loved it, loved the clean smell, loved the way it cleansed, all in all really impressed I love it.


Don’t know why but I felt so much more ‘washed’ after showering with this than a squirt from my normal ‘designer’  cleanser.  We live and learn.

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Re: Bar Soap! My lesson.

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I've got the Beekman brand and I don't miss the cleansers either.

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Maybe because it was something different than you usually use.

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DH loves Zest as it helps with feet and heat rash issues in personal areas, especially in the summer.


A little tmi, but such is life.

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I've switched back to bar soap too.  It's supposed to be milder than liquid soap.


I keep liquid soap for guests in the bathroom and of course I use Dawn for dishes but i use bar soap exclusively for myself now.

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Re: Bar Soap! My lesson.

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I dont think I could ever go back to bar soaps, been using liquids since early 90's. They just seem messy to me. 

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I use Dove bar soap in addition to my Philosophy.

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I use the pump hand soaps and "body wash" but have quite an arsenal of bar soaps that I will pull from if I need to.  Some of them I just like to leave out in the bathroom because they smell nice.


I know at least that I've got enough washing stuff to last quite a long time.



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We went back to bar soap a couple years ago. Like it much more than liquids. Realize now how wasteful & costly the liquid was
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And of you have bar soap and don't like using it, toss the wrapped bars into your dresser drawers with your socks, nightgowns, and undies.

Everything picks up that fresh clean smell.