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How about the horse?  That is animal cruelty giving a horse drugs.  Shame on the owner. Oh, to bring back Secretariat - now that was a horse and the movie was wonderful.

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@KatCat1    The horse was not given drugs.  Apparently an ointment was used it his ankles that was absorbed.  From the horse's viewpoint it may have made him feel better.  However, it's illegal to use any performance enhancing drug because it gives him an unfair advantage.  It doesn't rise to the level of animal cruelty. 

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MS BARBIE, , I know a fair share about horses having owned them most of my life & currently owning two.  Horses are my heart & running them at two years old is not healthy.  A horses knee bones don't fully close intil 5-7 years old.  They begin training & riding race horses barely older than a yearling.  If they don't win big money they are sold at auction or to the packing industry for dogfood.  Often they are crippled or worse from riding hard at a young age.  The trainers & jockeys don't care once they've used them & collected.  In fact a jockey first rides them when pulled for that race.  Racing should be banned as animal cruelty.

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@barbie4njdevils wrote:

Yes prouldlyfromNJ , go to Monmouth park every Saturday from opening day till closing day for many many years now, always a fun good time will be there this weekend, weather will be perfect ❤️🐴🌞

Yeah, a real good time.