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Re: Any Update on Carolyn Gracey?

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I just read through the hosts' blogs and found a long post written by

Carolyn on 7/8/15.  She explains the reason for her leave of absence,

including the surgeries she has had.  Also included are photos of her

with her pets, get-well flowers, cards, etc...  Wishing her well, and looking

forward to her return.

Cincinnati Sue, could you please share this info or direct me to the blog?  Thanks!

Here is the link to her blog.

Thanks so much for sharing the link!!  I, too, am a breast cancer survivor.  I'm glad Carolyn didn't have to go through radiation treatments like I did. 


She's a very special lady!! 

Congrats. to you.  My sister is also a BC survivor. She was diagnosed last year.  She had the same type of BC Carolyn had and also had to have a mastectomy but just the affected breast.   She found it on a routine mammogram after she hadn't had a mammo for 5 years.  I thank God something made her go get her mammo last year.