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I'm so sorry for your loss of Buddy. I know how you are hurting as I lost a kitty just a couple of months ago. Such sweet little furry beings. Take care.

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Blessings to you!

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I'm very sorry for your loss, demitra.

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I'm so sorry! It always hurts to lose a kitty. No experience with FeLuk, but we had a 6 y/o cat die from very sudden liver failure a few years ago. When you know cats can easily live to be 15 or so, it just makes it worse.

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I am so sorry about your kitty d e m I t r a

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{#emotions_dlg.sad} We just lost our clubber spaniel Sandy a few days ago she was 17 years old but, we only rescued her less then two years ago. I found her laying in her usual spot I thought she was sleeping but, when I tried to wake her I could not get her to wake up. Her heart just stopped and she died peacefully in her sleep. I am so sorry for your loss O/P that is a terrible disease.

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Please take solace in knowing that we've all been through this way too many times, and that we know exactly how you feel. Buddy knew he was loved and as you mentioned, they had a wonderful life with you. That's the most important part. {#emotions_dlg.wub}

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(((demitra))), I'm so sorry to hear about sweet Buddy. Everyone who has experienced the loss of a dear furry family member knows the incredible joy they bring to us and the deep pain we feel when they're gone. My condolences to all of you who have said goodbye.


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"So this is where we part, my friend,
And you’ll run on, around the bend,
Gone from sight, but not from mind,
New pleasures there you’ll surely find.
I will go on, I’ll find the strength,
Life measures quality, not its length.
One long embrace before you leave,
Share one last look, before I grieve.
There are others, that much is true,
But they be they, and they aren’t you.
And I, fair, impartial, or so I thought,
Will remember well all you’ve taught.
Your place I’ll hold, you will be missed,
The fur I stroked, the nose I kissed.
And as you journey to your final rest,
Take with you this … I loved you best."
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Thank all of you so very much for the kind words. Those sweet poems really hit home. Yes, Buddy had a wonderful home, the apple of our eyes. We also have a small dog (age 11) that became great pals with both cats over the years. When Buddy started getting sick, we could tell that the dog realized it. He never tried to play chase or wrestle him. They were so cute together and we called them brothers. Lol. Again, thank you for your words of comfort and understanding. Demitra
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I am so sorry to hear of the death of your cat(s). It is heartbreaking, I know fron experience. We rescued two kitties, Noah and Isaiah from our neighborhood on very snowy, cold winter. We tried for days to get them in our house. We put a little house out for them, wouldn't use it, but food and water out, and we could see them eat it. They were about six or eight months old.

We finally got them in with tuna, another story. They were wonderful boys. We found out Isaiah had feline leukemia right away, but our other cats had been vaccinated already. He was a beautiful, long haired white boy. My DH and our vet kept him going about three years too, and then no more.

It's very tough, as you know. We still have the other one, Noah. He has diabetes now and gets insulin shots twice daily.

We love them hard, and we ache when they're gone. (((HUGS))))))) to you for the hurt in your heart.


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