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I'm watching The Chew and she is sitting at the tasting table. 

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@Virgo Girl, I just saw her.  Lucky girl to sit at the tasting table and eat that churro sundae.

The next time that I hear salt and ice together, it better be in a margarita!
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I just saw Angel on The Chew at the Tasting Table.  


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She looked like she was having a great time. 

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just caught her b 4 the show ended--luv her--met her once when QVC had their trip 2 the Atlantis--she couldn't have been nicer--she was modeling at the time--I say "u go girl"!!!

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I've seen the models Jackie, Deanna and Jane Treacy (w/her daughter) sitting at the Chew testing table as well. They must get this "perk" from Clinton Kelly who sells his clothes on the Q.

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Rats!  I meant to record it and forgot.  Just caught the last five minutes.  Oh well - back to the cleaning.  Woman Frustrated

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I thought that was her but wasn't sure.