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Re: Amazon buying Whole Foods

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@Snowpuppy could you point me to that story?  If you have something you could share that would be great @Snowpuppy.  I'd like to read it.



@itiswhatitis,I followed this news most of the day and I haven't heard anything about it not being a cash deal.  In fact analysts were talking about the fact that Amazon stock gained enough in the market today after the announcement that it pays for the deal itself.  I believe the value of Amazon stock increase today was around 15 billion dollars.


Here is an article that talks about the sale:


There are also many other articles about how this impacts Walmart, Cotsco, Kroger, and other groceries.  Those stocks tanked today and all combined lost around 40 billion dollars:


I am not an analyst by any means and just know what I heard on CNBC today and articles I have read about the deal.  As I mentioned upstream...I am concerned about my choice of groceries for my shopping and hope the other grocery store chains survive. Guess I will just have to wait and see since no one really knows.  

@pitdakota, thanks I haven't read anything either pertaining to @Snowpuppy's claims but I wanted to be sure.  


Right now, I have no skin the in the game either way except I love Amazon but never had an opportunity to shop at a whole foods before.


Thank you.



@itiswhatitis  I like Amazon and wish them well and as I stated I don't shop at Whole Foods.  No particular reason except that I have a Kroger within a mile of me, an Aldi's that is really close, and another locally owned grocer that is close.  I shop the sales lol.  According to the analysts that are so excited about this deal, those groceries may very well end up going under.  Amazon may well compress the price of common groceries (which will be good for consumers), but grocery chains that don't have the reserves that compare to Amazon will struggle to make a profit so they are at risk of not surviving. 



Unfortunately @pitdakota this is American Enterprise.  It is what it is.

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Re: Amazon buying Whole Foods

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I just saw that on CNN.  Amazon keeps getting bigger and bigger.  In a way I feel bad because the smaller retailers don't have a chance against companies like Amazon.  But, I shop on Amazon so I guess I can't complain too much.

That's not necessarily true @winkk.  Many small retailers sell their wares on Amazon.  Amazon can even act as the go between for products.  Amazon has a "marketplace" of items not sold directly by them.


Besides, isn't this what many proclaim to be so great about the "Free Market?"

Not to quibble, @itiswhatitis, but we don't have a "free market" in the literal sense. The lesson we learned from the late 19th century is that a totally laissez-faire market becomes one in which too few have too much control of the market. That's the reason we and all other democratic countries put the brakes on those who otherwise would have total reign without consideration of the consumer.


I'll take a wait-and-see attitude here. I patronize both Amazon and Whole Foods.

@suzyQ3, I think we still operate within a Free Market Society.  I could have sworn I posted something to this affect already.  Regulations being what they are, doesn't mean it's fair ~ but we're still the same USA with a mix of Capitalism and socialism....

@itiswhatitis, just to let you know that you are not crazy, you did indeed post a reply to me already.


I'm not going to reply again this time. Lips sealed; remember?

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