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Visited by Fawn du Lac, Henry Fawnda, Fawndoo, Fawndlee, and Fred today, among others.  Haven't had all 5 for a while.


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The Fab 5 ...

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Thank you!  These photos always make my day.  Beautiful,  sweet animals.

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@MamaWick Thanks for the updated picture of your backyard family.  I always find it amusing to watch the little ones rare up on their back legs and butt heads while playing.  They are a joy to behold!!!!!!!!!

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Hi babies! We love yous!!!!!HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart

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Re: All 5 fawns today

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I want to thank you, as others have,  for posting these wonderful pictures - amidst the craziness of the country nowadays, they remind us of something greater than ourselves and the constant petty complaints on the threads.


No one can look at the beautiful creatures on your lawn and not automatically smile.


I look forward everyday to seeing them.


Thank you again.

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love 'em..... Heart

Animals are reliable, full of love, true in their affections, grateful. Difficult standards for people to live up to.”
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indeed you ARE trying to kill me - - - 


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@MamaWick  The pictures you post are such spirit lifters. This has been such a horrible year, and I always smile when I see your posts. Thank you, and keep them coming.

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@MamaWick  When I saw the saw the name of this thread, my soul smiled! I never tire of the updates of your precious, beautiful deer "family". As I've said before, you are truly blessed to be able to get so close to such wonder.😁



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