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Would LOVE to see them host together during PRIME TIME. I think they are both gems and not on air enough. 


WHY on earth does QVC not use Sandra more often? They stick her on Q2 and Q3 and is barely ever on QVC during prime hours. She's a good host!!! 


QVC tends to oversaturate its PM slots with the same hosts. It used to be Lisa and now it's Shawn and Courtney. It truly gets tiresome. 


And.....What's with LOGO STILL being on EVERY single Monday night??? Are people seriously buying her clothing every week??? (I guess shocking as it is) I honestly don't get it. 

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I like Ali and Terri.  What QVC should be. I like Jayne Brown,  Katrina and Mary D. also. Class.

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Most likely because the majority of buyers watch and buy from the other hosts.

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