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Love Alberti. Heart


'More or less', 'Right or wrong', 'In general', and 'Just thinking out loud ' (as usual).
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He didn't let VPH speak much.

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Don't like him.  Change the channel when he's on.

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Yes, I like Alberti. Well spoken and knows how to present. My channel changers are SK and RD.

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@Mominohio wrote:

I like Alberti so much. 


Most of us in the home and holiday forums have begged for him to get his own decor shows for the last couple of years. 


He has great taste, is very knowledgeable in the area, and Q is lacking a separate decor show and host that focuses on elegant decor only. 


Maybe Q will here us. They are missing out on something that could really be great.


Great post @Mominohio.

His cooking videos on Facebook are excellent as well.

Really enjoy his presentations. Watching him tonight, hoping the PTB will make him a prominent presence on the original QVC channel.


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LOVE ALBERTI.  He is classy, informative and relaxed in his presentations.  Such a nice change from some of the other hosts that are so frantic.  Alberti’s style is similar to Leah’s style.  I enjoy watching her shows too.

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im sorry but i just dont see the fascination with this host. i always change the channel! im sure he is a good host though.

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Alberti is my BFF in my head.  We go out to restaurants or he comes over for dinner, we go shopping and go to shows, and have lots of fun!  I should get a real life ,but for now in my fantasy life, Alberti is my best friend

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I just want to say he is a delightful improvement to the show. He respects the vendors and treat them with care. He shares his joy in being on the show and that makes him a good host.