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Re: After reading another post I began wondering ...

@LipstickDiva wrote:

I do not understand why someone wouldn't tell a person that they do not wish to receive homemade baked goods or food gifts year after year.  That seems incredibly rude to me to toss stuff in the trash when the person puts time, effort and money into making these items. 


Why can't you politely tell someone that you really appreciate the thoughtfulness but that you cannot eat that type of food, etc.      

I agree.  while you don't want to insult, you can always say that your diet has changed and you're now on a low carb diet.

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Re: After reading another post I began wondering ...

For years now we do not eat food gifts from friends. Hubbs would never eat at a pot luck.

I love my pups!
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Re: After reading another post I began wondering ...

I think you may be right about this tradition being a thing of the past.  Before, you pretty much always knew where your food came from and allergies weren't as common as they are today.  Also, people didn't have a lot of money so gifts of food were an inexpensive way of giving a gift.  Not to mention you don't know what goes on in someone elses house no matter how close you are. 


I remember one day a few years back I was at my cousin's house and she asked me to stay for dinner.  We were and still are very close.   She had a cat and while she was preparing dinner the cat jumped up onto the counter and started eating the gravy out of the can she had opened.  I pointed it out to her as I shooed the cat away and she said, "oh that's OK," served the gravy anyway, and was in no way concerend..  Personally, I would not have served it.  Animals are still animals no matter how much you love them and who knows what they previously licked.  Needless to say, I passed on the gravy.   This is a person I know and trust yet her concerns were not the same as mine.  Just my opinion.  :cattongue:

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Re: After reading another post I began wondering ...

@occasionalrain wrote:

I haven't an issue with those who are concerned with eating home cooked food.

I do have an issue with dishonesty and deception. If you mislead others, especially kind thoughtful others, into thinking their gifts of food are wanted, appreciated, you will receive more. You lie to them while actually seeing it as garbage worthy and think or yourself as kind because they'll  never know.

Is cheating as long as they'll never know kind?


Wouldn't  you rather be hurt with the truth than disrespected with a lie?



@occasionalrain The way I look at it if someone gives me (or forces on me) food that I did not ask for, it is none of their beeswax what happens to it and I feel no shame or guilt in throwing it out.  They should ask nicely and accept my answer with arguing before gifting me. 


IF you are thinking of giving food to someone, ask them nicely "Would you like some of my fudge?" and they can politely say "Well, sounds good but I'm cutting back" and you can let it go at that and everyone is happy.


It is the people who force stuff on you then badger you about how it was that you have no option but to lie--and that is a terrible position to put people in.


People should not have food forced on them.  Period.  

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Re: After reading another post I began wondering ...

@tucsongal wrote:

I didn’t realize how many people tossed food gifts until a thread about this here a couple years ago. I think it would be fine for close friends however. 




I remember .....  and I didn't realize how many people would be surprised by people tossing food gifts.    I guess there are two kinds of people in the world ... those that would eat anything given to them, and those that wouldn't.   (just kidding folks!)

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Re: After reading another post I began wondering ...

I have always loved giving and getting homemade cookies, candies, etc for Christmas gifts but I think this year is a little different.  I would not eat anything homemade (I don't even get take-out) and I am not making any gifts because I know most of my friends and neighbors feel the same way.