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Re: AM Style Q2

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@KentuckyWoman made the same point I was going to make....The hosts do it all the time...Even though a show features many vendors, they tell viewers-- now this the beauty product I use at home.....


I dont mind Mary as a host.  And maybe QVC asked Mary to pose that question just to see what viewers say their fav is perhaps for future show planning, and Mary was honest and gave her opinion.  And that's no different than a host telling a vendor----I own this in blue---and they dont mention to other vendors that they own their products.


P.S. I like Gabrielle and Katie as hosts too.......

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@Sunshine wrote:

I seem to be one of the only people that likes Mary Nelson.

She is smart, funny and knowledgeable about the products, in my opinion.

Her voice doesn’t bother me at all.

I also think she is beautiful.


@Sunshine: You're not the only one who likes Mary Nelson. I like her too. She's very pleasant and easy going. BUT..I do agree with several posters regarding her voice. It's a little irritating. Kind of shrill. All in all, I think she does a good job. Smiley Happy

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This seems like a silly thing to get upset about. Laurie Felt jeans are my favorite too, but I still own and like other jeans.
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  • Count me in as well
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I like Mart a lot!  Some people just like to be critical !

a better question is why is Courtney on PM Style with Amy. She does have her own show. 

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I doubt Mary makes up these questions herself or at the very least that she doesn't have to get approval for the question beforehand.  Maybe there was a reason TPTB wanted her to ask?  Who knows.


Gabrielle has moved to evenings and I believe I read she will be hosting some on Beauty IQ now.  Evenings is probably a step up for Gabrielle.