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I am a long time QVC buyer (20+ years), and have never posted a critical post about any of the hosts, but I'm wondering if I'm the only one to notice this or if others noticed this too. The new host that has replaced Gabrielle on the Q2 AM Style just did something I find really inappropriate given her role. Her question for the day is to ask customers (and guests) which denim line on QVC is their favorite. She proudly announced that Laurie Felt is her favorite - viewers wrote that Denim & Co, Quacker Factory, etc. were their favorites....and then the guest immediately introduced Kim Gravel who was there to sell her Flexibelle jeans! Mary could have asked any other question - but why pick a favorite when you are about to sell a competitive product? I have seen her be rude to other guests (last week, pushing items toward Gary and telling him to "hold these" - not a polite request, and not showing the respect he deserved). Her voice is also very unpleasant and shrill. Why did she get the role of replacing Gabrielle? I think she needs to be behind the scenes - not on camera. Katy would have been a much better choice for this spot!! Just my opinion....

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She's learning, it's not the end of the world.

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Re: AM Style Q2

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And yet if she would have said it's hard to pick a favorite since she likes and wears them all, the complaints would have started about that! There have been so many complaints when hosts say every brand is their favorite.  She was being honest in what she said.  All brands cannot be one person's favorite.  I also would think that the question was scripted and given to her for the question of the day.  

I didn't watch all of it but I see nothing wrong with it.  And as for being rude - well rudeness is subjective in most cases with the hosts.  I have never observed any host being rude and why would anyone risk their job by being rude??  Seems like OP is miffed because Gabrielle is not hosting the show anymore!

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I didn't think ,"rude" but I  kinda felt funny  for all the other  brand reps (including Dennis Basso) that were on that show,only because she was making a BIG DEAL out of the question and I was expecting to hear a "compliment" to   the other brand Reps, but she never gave one.

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I seem to be one of the only people that likes Mary Nelson.

She is smart, funny and knowledgeable about the products, in my opinion.

Her voice doesn’t bother me at all.

I also think she is beautiful.

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@Sunshine: No, you’re not the only one. Count me in

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@varmintslayer: It’s funny you bring this up. About a year or so ago I tuned into PMS and the regular host did the same thing. I want to say it was also jeans but not 100% sure. Wouldn’t have noticed except the next vendor up was selling that same type of clothing. 

I so rarely watched that particular show until recently so didn’t know if it was common for the host or hosts to do that. 

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All the hosts do that.  Have you ever watched any of the beauty shows when the host says XYZ product is her favorite and she wouldn't be without it?  Nothing wrong about that. 

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I watched the first few minutes last week or the week before, and that entire time was chatting with the vendors about something -- can't even remember the topic.  I turned it off before even one item was presented.  As I said on another thread, the friendly approach is fine, but they have gone overboard with it.  


Fine with me as I consider myself "cured".  I used to frequently have it on in the background while working around the house on the weekends.  Now I try to catch AM style and that's about it.  Also used to watch QVC2 PM style on Wednesdays, but haven't even tried it with the new host; Sharon Faestch weekend Logo show, and of course now she's gone.  


The one thing they have going for them is Beauty Night with Sandra and Alberti.  They can be quite funny, but don't go overboard with all the personal stuff.  

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nothing against Mary, but i miss Gabrielle and her presentation style.