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Our grandson, who will be a high school senior in the fall, just received his ACT score. The ACT and the SAT are comparable. 


The ACT scores are from 1 to 36. Our little boy scored a 35!! That's in the 99 percentile.


We could not be any prouder of him for his achievements, not just this test score but also his hard work in so many AP classes, Moot Court, and Model UN.


Most important is that he is also a wonderful and caring young man. Thanks for letting me brag. :-)

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@suzyQ3   Brag away grandma! 👍🏾




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Re: A not so humble brag

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That is a "raking in the scholarships" score!  Congrats!!!

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Congratulations @suzyQ3 !!! Your grandson sounds like a wonderful young man. Heart

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@suzyQ3  Congrats that's wonderful!! As a very proud mom myself I understand you wanting to share about your grandson.

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That is a remarkable achievement.  Thank you for posting the GOOD NEWS.  There is a scarcity of that commodity these days.  Let us know what college, what major, what interest, what field he signs up for.  

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Bravo, suzyQ3!  What a thrilling score!


May your grandson have much success in all facets of his life. 

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@suzyQ3 I agree that the kind of person he is is the most important thing. Congratulations to him.

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Congratulations to your grandson.  That takes a lot of hard work and determination. I know some are just innately smart and obviously he is, but he still had to work at those AP courses, etc.

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That is wonderful!  Congratulations! 


It is so nice to hear such positive news.  And thank you for