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I just got a delivery from Amazon, delivered by UPS.  It was an 8x10 padded envelope.


The envelope had been slit open and was totally empty.  Nothing but air inside the envelope.


I hope whoever helped themselves to the contents along the way enjoys their 2 jars of mustard. 

It was an Amazon prime item.  I sent them a message.  

@gidgetgh   I didn't read the whole thread so my apology if this has been answered.


Was the label on the envelope yours?


I'm just wondering if you were given another customer's opened bag.


Amazon will make good on this mess.


We are watching the tracking from Amazon very carefully now.  Once we see the "Dot" moving around the corner DH goes out to the driveway and has the package delivered to him.


We are expecting only one more package (not Amazon) and the tracking is very up to date so we will stay home the day of delivery.


Sorry about your mustard, though.  Very odd.


I think the drivers must be on overload.

@Cakers3 - yes, the label on the front was mine. 

Why is it, when I have a 50/50 guess at something, I'm always 100% wrong?
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Just an update.  This was a product sold by an outside company, but filled and shipped by Amazon.  Prime shipping


I corresponded with the seller 3 times.  He kept asking (though I had made it clear in my initial message to him) was the package empty?  When he wrote back the last time and asked the same question again I said the envelope was empty.  This is the 3rd time I have answered this.  At that point he told me to deal with Amazon.


So I just did an online chat thing with their automated system and in less than a minute they credited my account.  

Time to find a new mustard. 

Why is it, when I have a 50/50 guess at something, I'm always 100% wrong?
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Re: A first for me

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@gidgetgh        Once I had an empty Amazon padded envelope delivered by an Amazon driver.  Can't understand why he bothered to deliver an envelope that had  a slit in it and was obviously empty.  I saw the package being delivered on my Blink video camera.   No one else approached my house after the driver delivered the package,  Amazon replaced the item right away,  

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Years ago, I got a package from QVC delivered by UPS.  It was for a Bare Minerals cosmetic case (soft plastic).  It was shipped in a large padded envelope and I was home, when it was delivered.


I walked out to get it, as the van was driving away, and found an open, empty envelope!  No way the guy couldn't have known it was empty.


I contacted QVC immediately to report it and was asked if the envelope had been tampered with.  I said it wasn't ripped - just open.  You know how they used to be just pressed shut?  As if someone had just lifted the flap.  She said that meant it was "tampered with" and she'd report it.


Sent me out a replacement that, fortunately, arrived intact.


Last December I got a case of pasta sauce (in jars) which had clearly been damaged.  Soaking wet on the bottom, reeking of garlicky pasta sauce, covered in dirt.  The guy dropped it on my porch in the dark and raced off.  It nearly fell apart, when I tried to lift it.


I guess they just "deliver' whatever's on their trucks.  Smiley Frustrated