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Hi Cakers. Best to you and yours!

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So beautiful and thoughtful, Cakers. You've been on my mind and I hope you're well.

Sending good wishes for a Merry Christmas, and much love, warmth and joy in the new year.

Your blessing is a favorite of mine, and I love listening to this rendition...

Libera - Gaelic Blessing (Deep Peace)

Peace be with you.

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Thank you Cakers

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Thank you, Cakers, for the nice post.

And can I just use this thread to thank all the posters on this board, who also post positive things, throughout the year?!

Yes...I'm multitasking tonight, and will post here sporadically!

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Merry Christmas c a k e r s! the kindle keeps trying to write bankers lol

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{{{Sugar}}} You know.

Kachina: Thank you - I'll look that up today!


HisElk: Sending good cheer your way - in a bottle!

Preds: Merry Christmas!

Raven: Just posted on your Merry Christmas thread.

Love Roses: Thank you and all the best to you!

Doo! Thank you for the link - will check it out shortly!

betteb: Adorable graphic!

september: Thank you - hope your holidays are peaceful.

Pqfan: lol @ bankers!!!

Thank you all!

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Hopefully the rest of the holiday will be better than the beginning. Last Friday my 46 year old cousin died in her sleep from a heart attack. She left behind two teenagers who are devastated. Her son went in to wake her up and found her dead. If that's not bad enough, this son also lost two close friends, one from a car accident and one committed suicide. The family is trying to arrange for counseling for the kids. It's been a shock for everyone. Family has been at my house since Sunday. Everyone finally went home on Wednesday.
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Merry Christmas Cakers. {#emotions_dlg.wub}

Susy, I'm sorry for your loss. Smiley Sad

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Thank you, and Merry Christmas to you, too!

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That's really beautiful. A nice thought for the New Year.Smiley Happy Thanks for posting it.

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