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I'm sending lots of positive thoughts and good wishes, too.


You've both been through so much lately.   It's time for good healing and calm, healthy days ahead.

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So very sorry to hear this John; sending my thoughts and prayers to you and Cindy.   

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Just ran across this thread, and adding prayers and good thoughts to the others here.


Seems you both have been through so much lately. Also praying for the medical staff to be guided to find what they need to know, and how they need to treat, in order for healing to occur. 


Please keep us posted on how she is doing, and please remember to take care of yourself as well.

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Of course John, Cindy and you will both be in my prayers. Only wish there was more I could do. 

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John, I'm so sorry to read your post this morning. I'm sure that was terrifying. I'm hoping the doctors find the issue quickly and can get her back on the road to better health. Take care. 

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John, how scary for you both. You have my prayers and  good wishes for Cindy's recovery. You will gt strength and love from us all here. ((HUGS))



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John, I hope things are going well for your DW today.  God bless the both of you.

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John, hugs and prayers for both of you

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John, I've asked for healing for your wife and peace for you.  Being the spouse / caregiver is extremely stressful, and I pray for your well being as well.  Walk in faith, John.  

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Many good thoughts and wishes go out for you both, John, especially for full recovery for Cindy.