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Hoping today brings healing and answers for you and your wife.........

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Healing thoughts and hope for a speedy recovery are coming your way!

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Sending healing thoughts and prayers.

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John, Keeping you both in my thoughts. Wishing you both better days.
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I just read your original post, John  ... this must have been very traumatic for both you and your wife.  


My best wishes to her for a good diagnosis and a speedy recovery.

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Very sorry for you and your wife.  I do hope she makes a complete recovery.  Such a scary thing to go through.  My thoughts and prayers go out to her.

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John, you must have been terrified.

You and Cindy are in my thoughts and prayers.

xoxo, henny

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Certainly John

Your wife is so fortunate to have you act quickly and get her the help she needs.  Keep us informed. 

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Thank God you were there.... my prayers for both of you.....

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Prayers for you both!


Keep us posted!