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John, I'm so sorry to hear this.  You and Cindy have endured so much.  Continued prayers and positive thoughts for Cindy, for you, and for the medical team.

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Prayers for you both John.  LM

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(((((((((JOHN & CINDY)))))))

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Continued Prayers to you and Cindy....Thank God you were home when that happened.....

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Was sorry to read this, John.  Boy, Cindy is having a rough time.  I immediately prayed for her this morning and strength for you both. My thoughts are with you both today and I will continue to pray.

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Oh John, I cannot even imagine how frightening that was for you.  I'm encouraged that Cindy was feeling a little stronger once she received some blood. I will pray that the source of the leak is found ASAP.  Please also take care of yourself as this kind of stress is really hard on a body.


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Best wishes and prayers to you and your wife John.


Being a care giver in any form to a spouse or family member is stressful and difficult more so in instances like this.


Hope they do find the cause so you can get to the bottom of it and rest a bit easier!


Again prayers and best wishes.

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Prayers for both of you....

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John, Mega prayers for Cindy and you this morning.  I hope her condition has improved greatly since yesterday.  Keep the faith ...

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I hope she makes a full recovery. 

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