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1. Mini IPad from Apple--does it all!  Fabulous device!


2. Kindle paperwhite or Oasis from Amazon.  Great screens, water resistant and you can Bluetooth to them to listen to books.


LOOK FOR black friday deals in the next few weeks!  

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I love my Kindle Paperwhite.  I especially like the non-glare screen.  I read outside a lot when the weather is good and that is easy to do with the Kindle. I like the size, weight, and the fact that I can easily adjust the size of the font. 


I also have an ipad mini, but I don't use it to read.  I occasionally use the kindle app on my iphone, but only when I am stuck somewhere without my Kindle. 

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Thanks all for your kind and helpful suggestions. Is the Oasis worth the price vs. the Paperwhite?  

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Re: Best e reader

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I own them all ( Nook, Kindles, KOBOs). I like KOBO Libra.  You can order directly from KOBO but I get mine at walmart.  it is 7"  looks like a kindle oasis but cheaper and the battery life of KOBOs are 10x longer than Kindle. You have greater cusomization  on fonts... etc  and reading statistics


A;lso direct  access to overdrive and library renting without the need for a PC

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Re: Best e-reader

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I would consider a Nook e-reader. Years ago when I went to buy one, I did my research into whether to buy a Kindle or a Nook tablet. A few engineers were interviewed and while they thought both were similar & either would be a good choice, if they had to choose they would pick the Nook as they thought it was a little better made. All I know is that I have had mine for 8 years, it's still going strong & it feels & looks solid. And It's not even losing battery power. I also own a Kindle Fire tablet but prefer the Nook as I like the book layout & a few other features better. This is my experience - good luck.      

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@ChancesMom wrote:

Thanks all for your kind and helpful suggestions. Is the Oasis worth the price vs. the Paperwhite?  

I love my Oasis ~ but it's not my first kindle ~ I bought one in 2009 and I also have a Paperwhite. 


I love the warm light, that's a new feature with the newest model. I also took advantage of the trade-in offer back in January, so that helped with the price. 


I saw they had a terrific sale around Black Friday ~ I think they were offering $75 off. 


I would say my Oasis is one of my favorite purchases in a long time. I get most of my books from my local libraries, so that's a real savings too.