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Jo Nesbo's The Kingdom SPOILER

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@Lilysmom1 :  I  Finished  The Kingdom last night.





Wow!  This book was certainly different from the Harry Hole series and other Jo Nesbo titles that I have read.


Roy, the narrator, is a very complex character. Nesbo crafted him such that  I found  him sympathetic almost to the end of the novel.  I was willing to turn a blind eye to his transgressions and weaknesses and make allowances for his actions.


Once the book was finished, I found it hard to believe how easily I took Roy's side.



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Re: Jo Nesbo's The Kingdom SPOILER

I attempted to start this a few days ago. The first chapter was enough for me. I was not happy with what happened with the dog. I returned it to the Library.

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Re: Jo Nesbo's The Kingdom SPOILER

I love all of Jo Nesbo's books.  Read all of the Harry Hole series.  Just finished "Knife" and it was great.  Read all of the non-Harry Hole books too except for "Macbeth" - have to get that one.